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Third-Party Data

Barbara Sullivan
Feb 2, 2022 11:33:11 AM

In the fresh food supply chain, suppliers and buyers juggle data from multiple sources to make informed business decisions. For Procurant customers, this just got easier.

Today, we announced Procurant Connect, Connecta hub for the produce supply chain information that builds on Procurant’s open network architecture. Buyers and suppliers across the food industry who have traded up to Procurant can now use Procurant Connect to access powerful industry market intelligence from various third-party sources.

Yep, you got it. You can review information about commodity pricing or transportation lane rates then toggle to recall notices or weather—all from Procurant. Customers who previewed this new feature are excited about not going to multiple sites and services to find this information. And they were pleased to see how easy it is to access the information they wanted and apply filters to get a customized view.

We strive to empower our customers by smiling.blogdelivering the solutions that allow them to make quick, operational decisions—from a single, open platform. the beginning. Procurant has an expansive roadmap to bring more rich content and services online on an ongoing basis.

Please take a minute to see Procurant One for yourself and see what we can transform and upgrade the traditional produce buying and selling process.

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