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Top 5 Features from 2022

Namrata Duarah
Feb 13, 2023 10:36:04 AM

Procurant added many enhancements to our platform and applications last year. We prioritize what we do based on supplier feedback and enhancement requests, so thank you for the suggestions, and keep the ideas coming!

Here are the top five feature requests that were released in 2022:

  • Reports
    New reporting and data export capabilities were added for orders, invoices and products. The following reports are currently available:
    • Invoice Details: Invoice-related data such as invoice number, date, status and amount.
    • Sales Orders: Order information such as order number, status, products, quantity, cost, total amounts, etc.
    • Mapped Products: The mapped products report can view trading partner products mapped to the catalog.
  • Payment Remittance Notifications
    When a buying company sends payment remittance to their suppliers via Procurant, Procurant alerts suppliers via email. The email notification includes remittance details such as invoice numbers, order numbers and payment amounts. Suppliers must enable the remittance notification in their email preference settings to receive these notifications.

  • Missed Shipments
    The Sales Orders (SO’s) To Ship tab in the task center was updated to track missed shipments better. This tab displays a list of sales orders that have not yet been marked as shipped on Procurant and with a ship date in the past. In addition, the order list screen is also updated to add an alert for orders that have a ship date in the past.

  • Invoice Access
    Suppliers can now view invoice status and details directly from the purchase order. In addition, two new columns were added on the order list screen to identify orders that are pending invoice submission.

  • Invoice History
    Using the new invoice history link, suppliers can view invoice-related events from when a draft invoice was created to when it gets sent to the buyer. In addition, suppliers can track invoice status updates and user edits.

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