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Top 5 Features in 2021

Namrata Duarah
Jan 13, 2022 1:02:51 PM

2021 is done! A lot can be said about the year, but from a business and technology perspective I wanted to share look back at all we added to the Procurant platform this past year.

albertsons-storefrontObviously, one of our significant achievements in 2021 was taking new retailers live. A transition to a new platform always comes with surprises and challenges, and last year much of our development effort was focused on ensuring we had a smooth rollout for the retailers and suppliers that we welcomed onto our platform.

Procurant's monthly release cycles enabled us to add many new features and functions throughout the year, but if I were to pick a few that brought significant value to our customers it would have to be these five:

  • Mobile App
    shutterstock_593717252We officially launched a mobile app for our Procurant Commerce solution last spring. It is a native mobile app available on both Apple and Google Play stores for users to download. Our mobile app allows users to review and react to order changes while away from their desks. We also included a watchlist and reminders features to the mobile app.
  • Demand Workflow
    With new customers come new requirements. As part of the onboarding process for one of our retailers, we significantly enhanced our demand module. Demand workflow now supports fulfilling demand across multiple locations or location-specific demands. We also added visibility for buyers to track demand fulfillment and easily manage demand orders.
  • Order Reconciliation Workflow
    We added a new order reconciliation workflow that provided visibility to buyers and suppliers on receipt exceptions. New notifications were added to alert suppliers in the event of an exception. With this workflow, buyers and suppliers have the option to reconcile any exceptions before invoicing and reduce invoice discrepancies.
  • Freight Invoicing
    row-of-trucksWe also added new functionality to allow carriers to submit invoices through the Procurant portal. This enhancement was implemented to eliminate the need for manual and paper invoices. Once a load is delivered, carriers can submit their invoices; buying organizations can review and approve freight invoices for payment using Procurant’s logistics module.
  • EDI Connector For Suppliers
    Procurant also added a new standard EDI connector for our suppliers. With the EDI connection, suppliers could integrate with our commerce platform to automate and exchange key documents like receiving new orders, order changes, and sending ASNs and invoices to their retail trading partners using Procurant.

A big part of what we build and add to our roadmap comes from customer feedback. Our users help us identify opportunities to improve our product offerings and address business challenges. So do keep sharing your ideas!

With that note, I do want to thank all our customers for their constant support and wish everyone a wonderful 2022!

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