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The Value of Procurant Partners

Dave Hood
Jul 31, 2020 10:20:38 AM

Procurant officially launched our partner program in January of this year, so it is high time for me to share some of what that program is all about. Our vision, simply put, is to build a world-class partner ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of Procurant solutions, add value to customers and grow new revenue channels.

A Focus on SureCheck

screen-work-mobile-cropWe selected SureCheck, our digital task management solution, as our initial product to build a partner ecosystem around to reach a broader group of customers.

Built originally for the incredibly demanding and compliance-focused aspects of food safety, SureCheck has extended its capabilities to become one of the most powerful general task management solutions on the market. This makes it a great addition to the variety of services our partners already offer their customers. Procurant partners are able to leverage our technology, our infrastructure and our support team, while at the same time building their own brand through our white labeled app.  


Many businesses are chomping at the collective bit to reopen their doors to customers. In the process, they are dealing with a whole new level of risk and compliance-related procedures which must be documented. This is where Procurant partners are adding value. As specialists in their respective industries, they bring a deep domain knowledge to our customers. Their skills are helping customers interpret and in some cases, create new COVID-19-related policies, as well as crafting new written procedures adapted to a specific facilities and organizations.   

Sam Constantino, principal at Yellofin (a Procurant partner), puts it this way:


“In general, the current environment for salespeople is quite challenging, but when I ask clients if they could use some help with COVID 19-related compliance I’m hearing yes almost every time.”

Yellofin caters to the gaming industry — a particularly challenging space, as casinos across the country face a myriad of new policies and procedures as they push to re-open.

“I tell my customers that SureCheck is the fastest and best way to implement these new procedures,” says Sam, “and that the application can adapt as the rules change – which they most certainly will.”

Another Procurant partner, Alpine Supply Chain Solutions, is guiding its warehousing clients through the delicate process of adapting their operations to the new guidelines.

Alpine Supply Chain Solutions-01-1“Employee safety is the number one concern we’re hearing from customers,” says Brenda Stoltz, Managing Director at Alpine. “At the same time, we also want to protect employers from the increased exposure, and SureCheck is a great way to help avoid COVID-related claims.” 

A Growing Opportunity

Are you interested in becoming a Procurant partner? We are currently looking for established consulting firms to join our Partner Program. Bring your industry experience and we’ll provide a branded software-as-a-service solution that can help your clients streamline processes, reduce labor costs and help you build a sustained, recurring revenue business.   

Interested in learning more about the Procurant Partner Program? Simply submit an inquiry on our Partners web page, or drop me an email at

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