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Don't Let COVID Impact Food Safety

Barbara Sullivan
Aug 14, 2020 11:42:29 AM

In these unprecedented times many businesses have expanded their sanitation and disinfection processes to combat COVID-19. This is particularly true for the foodservice industry, but it has put an additional burden on staff to perform tasks more frequently, reducing the time they spend on other responsibilities. 

A key responsibility that should never be comprised is the ability to complete all appropriate food safety procedures. Every business that handles food is under an obligation to produce and deliver food that is safe to eat. A business could be fatally compromised without a laser focus on a food safety plan.

Stopping or reprioritizing food safety processes can result in transmission of a foodborne illness to your employees or customers. Just one report of food poisoning can drastically impact a business, and a full blown illness outbreak would be especially catastrophic with COVID-19 already taking a toll on foodservice organizations. Remaining vigilant and consistent across all locations where food is prepared and served imperative to staying open and safe during these trying times.

HACCP-paperreportFor the foodservice industry it now becomes a balancing act to make sure food safety is properly carried out and sanitation is thorough and consistent to address COVID-19. That means paying close attention to tasks such as temperature checks, employee hygiene and cross contamination -- activities associated with HACCP plans and protocols. This is where a digital food safety and task management solution can be so helpful, providing support for employees and peace-of-mind for business owners.

Solution providers like Procurant have products you can use today to help address these challenges. If you are a foodservice organization struggling with the balancing act of food safety and COVID-19, perhaps it's time to investigate your options.

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