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August Release Notes

Namrata Duarah
Sep 3, 2020 7:30:00 AM

Procurant's latest release of the ProcurantOne platform includes usability enhancements and improvements to our supplier and buyer application suites. Here are a few of the highlights.

Supplier Enhancements

Product Mapping

AUG20-Product Mapping Update-cropNew functionality allows suppliers to easily map their products to a trading partner's catalog codes directly from an order. A link in the order details screen opens an overlay that allows users to search for products in their catalog and map them to their trading partner's product. Users also have visibility to trading partner product details and can drill down into a partner’s product description to view attribute level details.

Catalog Upload

New data validation rules have been added to the catalog upload tool to ensure clean and accurate catalog data. Upload tool error messages have been updated to easily identify and resolve potential issues.

Task Center and Dashboard Filters

AUG20-Task Center And Dashboard filterThe Task Center and Dashboard now lets suppliers filter messages and orders based on their trading partners. They also have visibility into their contacts on orders and can view buyer information directly on their dashboard and task center.

Buyer Enhancements

Mandating Traceability on Purchase Orders

AUG20-Mandating trace data-cropBuyers can now use a profile rule to mandate that their suppliers provide traceability data at the time of shipment. Information such as country of origin, harvest date, lot number and GTIN can be included directly on an order. This is one of many such business rules that can be set up within the ProcurantOne admin module.

Order Ranges

Order ranges have been updated to allow buyers to recycle order numbers. If a range is set to recycle, purchase order numbers will automatically reset when an order number range is exhausted. Buyers can also use an option for putting buyer specific identifiers on order numbers. This new feature makes it easier to track and identify orders created by specific buyers.

Carrier Enhancements

Load Status

AUG20-Load Status updatesCarriers can now provide load status updates to their trading partners. Carriers can use ProcurantOne to mark a load as "acknowledged" or "in transit." This adds a level of new visibility to all trading partners on the platform, letting them track load status updates to ensure on time deliveries.

Usability Improvements

New Indicators

New indicators have been added on the order details screen to help users easily identify line items with charges and comments.

Deleting Charges

Users can now delete charges by simply zeroing out the charge on the order detail screen. The change removes charges from an order and automatically updates the order total.

Order Lists

AUG20-Order list updateNew order related information has been added to the order list screen. Users now have visibility to buyer user contact, carrier and load information. These new additions cut down on the number of clicks and enable users to view key order information without having to drill into the order details.

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