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September Release Notes

Namrata Duarah
Oct 1, 2020 4:20:24 PM

As a cloud-based solution, Procurant regularly rolls out updates to our suite of applications. While some enhancements are "under the hood" improving speed or efficiency of the applications themselves, others are based on customer feedback and in bringing new features to our users.

Our latest release includes new features for Procurant’s Trace and ProcurantOne order management applications. Here are a few of the highlights.

Trace data now integrated with sales orders

Traceability data collected at the time of printing labels using Procurant’s Trace application will now be visible to suppliers on their sales orders. Information such as lot number and harvest date associated with a product will be automatically displayed. Upon confirmation, trace details will be displayed to buyers as well.

Pre-built templates available for uploading crew and lot data

Users can now download a template, enter all relevant details and upload the saved data file using a simple drag and drop tool.

Simplified traceability commodity assignment for harvest crews

Harvest crew members can be assigned specific commodities from a single admin setup screen. They then see their assigned commodities when they log into their their mobile devices.

Additional enhancements to the Trace application include adding estimated harvest dates and date ranges when creating lots and changing country-of-origin at the time of printing labels.

Suppliers gain visibility into original order price and quantity

This enhancement helps suppliers on the ProcurantOne platform easily identify and track line items that have price and quantity changes, and compare those changes with the original order.

Mapping service charges to trading partners

Suppliers can now easily map any extra service charges or allowances to their buy side trading partner codes and categories. Mapped data will help when integrating order data with internal systems on both the supplier and buyer sides.

Alerts for Carriers

Carriers are also an important user group on the ProcurantOne platform, and this new release brings email notifications about load-related changes. Carriers now have the option to be notified about events such as load creation, load updates and load cancellations.

Stay tuned for much more from Procurant in the months to come, as we have big plans for our products and customers this winter!

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