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October 2020 Release Notes

Namrata Duarah
Nov 5, 2020 2:19:27 PM

It is that time of the month when we get to share some exciting new features with our customers and blog readers.

Procurant's latest release added a great new set of enhancements and features to our Commerce and Connect application suites, including an EDI Connector and new support for cross-dock orders.

Here are a few of the highlights...

Cross-Dock Orders

A new cross dock functionality has been added to the Buyer application allowing buyers to create and manage cross-dock orders. Order list and order detail screens now have indicators that help buyers easily identify and track cross dock orders. When creating an order, buyers can indicate it as a cross dock order and assign a specific cross-dock facility.

EDI Connector for Suppliers

A new EDI connector helps suppliers easily integrate Procurant with their ERP systems. The connector supports key EDI document sets to exchange order information, including:

  • X12 850 (New Order)
  • 860 (Buyer Initiated Order Change)
  • 855 (Order Acknowledgement)
  • 856 (Advanced Shipment Notice)
  • 810 (Invoice)

The connector also includes a monitoring tool to track document exchanges and identify errors.

Invoice Reconciliation

With this new release, buying organizations can enable reconciled or non-reconciled invoice workflows. With reconciliation, suppliers receive notifications any time there are exceptions at the time the buyers receive the invoice. In such cases, suppliers can review and match receipts and invoiced quantities and, if necessary, send a reconciled invoice.

Designated Buyers

Buyers can now create orders on behalf of another buyer using a convenient new dropdown field. The idea is that buyers can create and manage another buyer’s orders during busy schedules or vacations.

Logistics Enhancements

New fields let logistics managers filter orders and loads based on shipping zones and commodity. In addition, users can now search for orders by entering the order number.

Carrier Task Center

A new carrier-specific task center lets carriers track new loads sent by their buy-side partners. The task center also provides views of modified and cancelled loads.


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