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Friday Features

Kevin Brooks
Feb 21, 2020 4:21:13 PM

We do a lot of demos here at Procurant. It's part of the deal when you're a new software provider, and we love sharing the features and capabilities our development team crafts in each new release.

But we realize not everyone has time to spare in this busy industry, and sitting down for a full blown demo isn't always practical. So for you, our friends, we decided to have some fun and begin offering a brief preview of our most interesting features every Friday. We call them "Friday Feature Chats" and our intent is to showcase a snippet of something from our products that we're proud of, and that we feel makes Procurant stand out in this competitive market.

You can check out the first of many Friday Feature Chats to come with today's segment about the Message Center feature within our ProcurantOne product. We hope you'll enjoy the brevity, the info and the ideas behind what we're all about here at Procurant.

Upcoming sessions will focus on features across all of our product lines, from food safety task management and checklists to IoT sensing and blockchain integration.

We're still getting this going, but watch our News & Events page to register for upcoming sessions, and of course, have a great weekend!

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