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Winter Release Notes

Namrata Duarah
Jan 11, 2021 3:43:44 PM
Procurant's latest release includes workflow and usability enhancements to our Buyer and Supplier applications on the Procurant One platform. In addition to standard performance improvements, the release brings new options to invoicing, order entry, load management and more.

Invoice Approvals

New invoice workflow updates allow buyers to review and approve newly submitted invoices. Buyers can edit quantity and cost at the time of invoice approval, with the invoice status updated upon approval.  

Quick Filters on Order Screens

Quick Filter options have been added to the Order List screen for a variety of data fields such as buyer, supplier, ship from locations, routing etc. 

Order Printing

Buyers and suppliers can now easily preview and print a formatted order directly from the Order Details screen. 

Order Guide Efficiencies

A column for cost has been added to the Order Guide screen, cutting down on the number of clicks required to add product costs at the order guide level. In addition, the quick order form will auto-populate a new order with previously entered costs, eliminating the need to manually enter costs every time a new order is created. 

Improved Order Screen Navigation

The Quick Order screen includes additional keyboard navigation shortcuts to simplify entering data and quickly moving through multiple fields on a page. 

Organizing Load Details

For buyers and carriers, new viewing options have been added to the Load Details screens, including an Expand and Collapse All option. 

For more information about any Procurant commerce solution features (Buyer or Supplier applications), check out one of our Friday Features or request a demo here.

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