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Summer Release Notes

Namrata Duarah
Sep 13, 2019 9:26:10 AM

Summer 2019 has been busy as well as exciting for the product team here at Procurant as we continue to add new features to our ProcurantOne platform.

The latest release -- something we do every couple of months -- extended core functionality beyond basic order management to bring added value to inventory managers, logistics planners and accounting. We have also added productivity tools such as the task center and new types of reminders that enable trading partners to collaborate more efficiently.

New features available for ProcurantOne customers in the August Release include:

Demand Management
The new demand feature enables inventory managers and buyers to generate demand, view open and fulfilled demands across different locations. By aggregating demand procurement teams can gain efficiencies in their sourcing process and find better saving opportunities. Once sourcing decisions are made procurement team can fulfill multiple demands at a time from the demand worksheet by submitting purchase orders to their suppliers.

Logistics feature can be used by our customers to manage the transportation of their goods. Transportation teams can use the load management tool to plan, build and communicate load details to their carriers. With the logistics module being directly integrated with Procurant’s order management system transportation teams and carriers have real time visibility to order and shipment updates. The feature also allows users to automatically adjust and allocate freight across all orders on the load.

Accounting departments and buyers now have the ability to view receiving discrepancies and submit claims to responsible parties using Procurant’s new claims feature. Buy side companies can adjust claim amounts, attach claim reason details and notify their trading partners when a new claim is created.

Mobile App
Procurant’s mobile app makes it easier for buyers and suppliers to track and respond to order changes and receive timely notifications. The app will enable our customers to collaborate with their trading partners more efficiently when on the go. In addition, using the app users can setup and view reminders on key tasks that they need to perform.

Task Center
The task center organizes key tasks for buyers and suppliers so that they can easily identify and respond to orders that require their attention. The tool allows users to click and take relevant actions on orders without having to search or navigate across multiple screens.

Many new innovative ideas and feature development are currently underway. With our iterative model we are continuously building and releasing features for our customers. A new set of product updates is just around the corner and I look forward to sharing it with everyone.

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