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Spring 2020 Release Notes

Namrata Duarah
May 6, 2020 10:01:32 AM

Procurant’s Spring 2020 release is here! In this new release we have introduced features that will address core business needs of buyers and sellers on the ProcurantOne platform. Here are a few highlights.

Product Substitution

MAR20-ProductSubstitution_1Suppliers can now substitute products on an order. By clicking on the newly added icon on the order details screen a supplier can substitute existing products and buyers will receive an alert. This feature helps all parties react to inventory changes, update orders and collaborate when substitutions are required.

Order Guides

MAR20-CreateOrdersUsingOrderGuidesThe order creation screen has been enhanced to let buyers create an order using pre-built order guides. This helps buyers save time and avoid having to manually type product information. Buyers can enter quantity and price against the products on the order guide and send the order to their suppliers.

Order Views

Both buyers and suppliers can now set up and save views of their orders with filter criteria such as routing terms, change type, commodities etc. Order views help users organize their orders and quickly filter through relevant information.

Enhanced User Settings

With the new release, users now have the ability to view and manage their profile themselves. They can update their profile information, upload images and reset their password.

Pricing Notifications for Suppliers

A new email notification has been added that alerts suppliers when a buyer submits a new pricing request. Suppliers can review the price request details and respond quickly to a buyer’s request.

Search Feature Enhancements

The search feature has been enhanced to help users find purchase orders by entering trace information such as GTIN, UPC codes and lot numbers. Users can quickly pull up orders by entering any of these attributes.

Despite the current challenges that the industry is facing with COVID-19 and teams needing to adjust to working remotely, our product development has not slowed down. We continue to listen to our customer needs and innovate with enthusiasm.

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