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Procurant Joins Western Growers Association

Ray Connelly
Aug 31, 2021 10:27:22 AM

Partnerships are important in this business. Strong ongoing relationships and the goodwill that flows from healthy communications are essential in an industry like agriculture where we deal with so much uncertainty and risk every day.

One of the organizations that has been facilitating productive relationships between fresh food producers for decades is the Western Growers Association (WGA), and I am proud to announce that Procurant is now a member.


To those who have been paying attention, this partnership makes perfect sense. Procurant is aligned with the over-arching WGA vision to bring the freshest, safest and highest quality food to the market. Since the Procurant platform was fully deployed earlier this year we’ve seen adoption across a diverse range of agricultural production and supply companies. Today, hundreds of growers, packers and shippers — many of them members of the WGA — are now Procurant customers.


The bonds of trust the WGA has gained over the years are second to none, and their leadership has provided critical support to the companies that produce approximately 50 percent of all fresh fruits and vegetables in the United States. We are happy to join this great organization, and to listen, learn and help where we can.

With so many aligned interests and shared goals, we look forward to a long a productive relationship with the WGA.

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