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Experiencing the Organic Growers Summit

Mark Ortiz
Dec 15, 2022 11:28:33 AM

Procurant sponsors and participates in many industry trade shows throughout the year. I recently joined Procurant, and earlier this month I had the opportunity to represent the company and attend the Organic Growers Summit in Monterey for the first time. It was a great experience.

The Organic Growers Summit is an annual event that sponsorship2provides a look at the current and future state of the organic produce industry. Procurant sponsored one of the breakout sessions about the future of CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) production. Procurant has a number of customers in this space, but I was interested in part because I come from a farming background myself.

Growing up on a family fruit and berry farm made me appreciate the hard work that goes behind every step in the process to grow quality fruit year-round. From the planting to the shipping, every step requires attention to detail in order to ensure customers are receiving the best berries that can be produced.

Procurant offers software and solutions that help get IMG_3659products from producers to their retail customers, and it is interesting to see how technology is lowering costs and bringing more efficiency to that process. Since coming to Procurant I have seen a new side of the perishables industry and how the right technology can help tackle some of the biggest problems along the fresh food supply chain.

I was grateful to be at the event and get the opportunity to hear experts talk from their perspectives and how they keep up with an industry that is constantly changing. The Summit provided me with a closer look at what the growers in the industry do and how they address problems such as working under unpredictable weather or the importance of quality soil.

The show was great, and I am glad to be a part of the Procurant team as we help this industry tackle the supply chain problems and opportunities of this amazing space. I look forward to attending more events, and I am eager to keep learning and contributing to our customer’s success.

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