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Eating and Innovating at This Year's Fresh Summit

Ray Connelly
Oct 21, 2019 3:07:20 PM

Business gets accomplished with trusted relationships. Nowhere is this more obvious than at Fresh Summit 2019, the annual event put on by the Produce Marketing Association. Everyone that is anyone is here, one massive group of innovation attended by the people that put fresh food on your table. And what could be better than sharing fresh food with a few thousand of your closest friends?

… and WOW, did we eat good!

This PMA Fresh Summit was the best ever, starting off on Wednesday at the finish line of the Tour de Fresh, a 300+ mile bike ride down the coast of California to raise awareness and money to put salad bars in schools. 45 riders made the journey -- some fast, some slow, but all with a single focus: to bring healthy eating options to our children.

Then came the meetings. Full of content and insight, these workshops provide cutting edge content from real day-to-day innovators within our industry. There never seems to a shortage of fresh new faces too, with clever ideas to promote your brand and business, and to achieve even greater efficiency.

Then the trade show started. Exhibitors from around the globe promoting their goods and services and, of course, their fresh food!

…Have I told you yet about the fabulous fresh food we sampled?

Our customers and future customers were impressed. This was the first year Procurant had a booth on the trade show floor and it was great to see so many of our friends stop by, hungry for innovation and fresh, new thinking. In our booth, Procurant solutions were the stars as we usher in a new era of technology innovation. Objectives we have been dreaming about for years are now coming to market with the full Procurant product line.

The first question people typically asked us was, “What does Procurant do?” From that beginning (driven mostly by polite curiosity) we were eventually met with fantastic responses such as: "Wow!" "Finally!" "We want this!" "We need this!"

This feedback put a double underscore on our vision and our strategy. It’s so affirming to know from our trusted friends that we are on the right tract.

…but wow, did we eat good too.

Fresh food from around the globe, produced by our friends from all corners of the world. I can’t think of a better way to spend a week, getting inspired and being inspiring. I absolutely love PMA’s Fresh Summit Show and hope to see all of you there next year in Dallas!

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