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Namrata Duarah
Feb 3, 2020 4:32:49 PM

Procurant's product suite had quite an evolution in 2019. In July, we introduced our very first product (ProcurantOne), and over the next few months we signed our first customer (Tanimura & Antle) and acquired a fantastic new food safety company (SureCheck).

PlatformGraphic2-smAll along the way, the engineering team challenged ourselves with an ambitious product roadmap. We set out to build a brand new platform like nothing ever seen before, and we had quite a few items in our wish list of features. Our goal has always been to build features that are simple to use and, at the same time, ready to meet the changing business needs of a new decade.

We wrapped up the year with our 2019 December release and I am excited to share a few of its amazing highlights.

Drag and Drop Attachments

DEC19-UploadAttachmentsOrder screens now support document attachments on both desktop and mobile environments. Users can easily drag and drop attachments on an order and share them with their trading partners. Documents can be attached at the order or product levels, and using Procurant’s mobile app, users can attach product images, documents or simply click a picture on their phone and upload it to an order. At the time of receiving orders, users can capture product images for damages or rejections and share them with their trading partners.



This new feature allows users to flag orders and add them to their watchlist for tracking and future follow ups. Users can access these orders from their task center and take necessary actions. An indicator is also added on the order list and detail screen to make it easier to identify flagged orders.

Pricing Requests

DEC19-PricingRequestThe pricing module has been enhanced to add a new price request feature for buyers who can now selecting specific commodities or suppliers based on pricing terms. Buying teams can also specify products, date period, pricing type and other attributes when creating a new price request.

Alerts and Notifications for Transportation Teams

Transportation teams have a new task center for managing their day-to-day tasks more efficiently. The task center tracks order changes and enables reviewing loads that are pending freight assignments. Users can also track delays. In addition to the task center, email alerts transportation teams in the event orders are modified by buying or sales teams.

Task Center Enhancements for Suppliers

Two new tabs are now available on the supplier's task center. A receiving mismatch tab flags orders for a supplier to review when shipment details do not match those of the receipt. The other new tab lets suppliers view sales orders that are ready to be invoiced and then, with a click submit those invoices to their buyers.

Preconfigured Order Ranges

Order ranges can now be set up as a global range or as location specific ranges that are automatically generated when creating new orders.

There is so much to look forward to this new year, so stay tuned for more exciting features coming in our next release.

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