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October Release Highlights

Namrata Duarah
Nov 22, 2019 12:26:14 PM

Procurant is constantly adding new features and capabilities to our products. Our October release includes exciting enhancements, including the release of a new pricing module and access for transportation providers. Here is a quick summary of what you’ll find in our latest release.



A new pricing module is now available! Suppliers can post contract, monthly, weekly or promotional pricing to their buyers using prebuilt product templates. Buyers can review supplier pricing by specifying date ranges and commodities, as well as compare pricing posted by multiple suppliers at a time and use the information during order creation.

Carrier App

Transportation carriers can now review and respond to loads sent by their trading partners. Carriers have visibility into order details and order changes, and they can provide timely load status updates. Carriers can also efficiently notify their trading partners if trucks are delayed.

Order History

The order screen now includes a detailed view of order history, enabling users to view a complete audit trail that tracks all order changes from the time an order is created until it is received.

User Preferences

Users can now manage their own preferences and profile settings, reducing dependencies on site administrators. This new feature lets users save their preferred trading partners and views, and they can also configure notification preferences.

Task Center Enhancements

New alerts are available in the Task Center to help users manage order exceptions and receiving discrepancies. For example, if an order receipt does not match shipment details, users can now save time by viewing that specific order in the Task Center. In addition, buyers get notified when suppliers post new invoices.

For more information about all Procurant products, check out the products section of our website.

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