The produce business is crazy. Sometimes you just need to rant and rave about things. We get it.

Here at Procurant we’re working to modernize the¬†business of fresh food because we see so many places where things aren’t working the way they could and should. We know you do too, and we want to hear about it.

This blog is our chance to rant (and rave) about things we see in our business and in our lives as professionals working in the world of fresh food. So if you’ve got something to say, bring it. Jot down your idea in the space below and send it over to the team here. You’ll feel better and you’ll get a personal response from us. And if your Rant is really great it might just get featured on the blog.

Don’t worry about sounding silly or making a fool of yourself. We won’t let that happen, and we won’t ever publish or use anything without your permission.

So thanks, and happy ranting!