October Release Highlights

Food Biz Buzz, Innovation, Procurant November 22, 2019

Procurant is constantly adding new features and capabilities to our products. Our October release includes exciting enhancements, including the release of a new pricing module and access for transportation providers.

Events, Procurant August 5, 2019

Celebrating a Milestone

Procurant recently completed and released our first major software product, called ProcurantOne. It got me thinking about the effort, coordination and focus that has been required to reach this milestone.

Innovation July 31, 2019

The Rise of Operations

Change, it’s a real pain the you-know-what. When it comes to technology and the fresh produce industry, a real problem. Technology and the fast moving fresh food business have such a love-hate relationship.

Events June 19, 2019

Foodies & Techies

Certain things jump out about food industry events that make them unique and much different than anything you’ll find in the pure tech space.

Events, Global Trade, Risk May 13, 2019

Produce at the Border

President Trump has threated to shut down the United States border in the wake of the thousands of people trying to enter the country from Mexico. But what would a complete shutdown of the border do to the U.S. supply of fresh fruits and vegetables?