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From First Day Jitters to Lasting Impressions

Kirti Kaul
Aug 28, 2023 7:45:00 AM

As I sit down to write this blog post, a wave OfficeSign-LosGatosof mixed emotions washes over me. The last week of my internship as a Product Management Intern at Procurant's Los Gatos office has arrived, and it feels like just yesterday when I stepped into the office filled with excitement and curiosity. The journey I embarked upon has been phenomenal. I want to share the highlights of my experience, the invaluable skills I've acquired, and the cherished memories I'll take with me as I bid adieu to this incredible team.

While pursuing my MBA from Babson College's F.W. Olin School of Business, the opportunity to dive into the real-world waters of Product Management beckoned. I remember stumbling upon the position on LinkedIn, thinking how perfectly it aligned with my aspirations. It was Procurant's senior director of product management, Namrata Duarah, who conducted my interview. Our conversation was an engaging blend of my academic journey at Babson and the practical challenges of product management. That discussion was just the beginning of what would become a profoundly enriching experience for me.

As a Product Management Intern, I was exposed croppedkirticomputerto many responsibilities that honed my skills and broadened my understanding of the industry, such as diving deep into market trends, competitive analysis, user feedback assessment and feature prioritization. And let’s not forget the beauty of team collaboration across different departments. It wasn’t just about learning the ropes of product management but also mastering the art of communication and teamwork.

These past three months have felt like a mini-masterclass. Now, I can confidently talk about product lifecycle management, the nuances of user-centered design and the agile approach to projects. As I step into the vast world outside, I feel well-equipped and ready for the challenges ahead.

Of course, it wasn't all work. Those shared croppedkirtilgkitchenlunches, breezy walks, and heart-to-heart chats added flavor to my days. It's in these little moments that I truly felt a part of something special, a place where I was valued not just for my work but for being me.

This internship wasn't just about the job; it was a holistic experience that's etched into my personal and professional journey. From every chat to every task, every lesson to every memory, I'm taking a piece of this time at Procurant with me. A massive shout-out to everyone who was part of this ride – it's been amazing growing and evolving with you all!

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