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From Earth to Our Tables

Taylor Harney
Apr 21, 2023 8:17:00 AM

Everything we possess, from the shoes on our feet to the phone in our pocket to the coffee in our cup and the food itself, comes from our planet, Earth.

2023earth dayWe interact with Earth every day in big and small ways. It's incredible that a humble lettuce head can travel through multiple stages and end up on our tables for only $1.49. It's almost miraculous.

If we imagine Earth as an apple, the air and ground we live on would be thinner than the apple's skin. And yet, on this thin layer, we grow, harvest, and distribute food to feed seven billion people.

2023eart day blogSometimes we get upset when the price of something common, like a head of lettuce, increases. But the truth is that getting that single head of lettuce is actually astonishing when we consider all the work and materials needed, all coming from Earth. We must prepare the land, plant the seed, and keep the weeds away. We also need sunlight, air, and water to grow the lettuce. Then, we have to harvest, pack, cool and transport it, unpack it, put it on store shelves, keep it cold, and finally scan it at the checkout when we buy it.

As we celebrate Earth Day, let us remember the special connection of our world and the incredible efforts that go into every aspect of bringing food to our tables. May we continue to cherish and protect this precious planet we call home.

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