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Events, Global Trade, Risk May 13, 2019

Produce at the Border

President Trump has threated to shut down the United States border in the wake of the thousands of people trying to enter the country from Mexico. But what would a complete shutdown of the border do to the U.S. supply of fresh fruits and vegetables?

Innovation, IoT, Risk April 16, 2019

More IoT, More Risk?

Automation is one of the biggest sources for ROI in making a case for an IoT system. But even a simple automation routine could expose an organization to risks that could negate the savings generated from removing the human component.

Food Safety, Risk April 3, 2019

The Dirty Deception

I like facts. People make good decisions when they have all the facts. Plus, I like to eat fresh food and want everyone to eat fresh, lead a healthy lifestyle and not live in fear. I presume the Dirty Dozen folks love their fresh food too. And we, the consuming public, deserve to know what is really going on with our food supply chain.

Pricing, Risk March 26, 2019

Stalking the Perfect Price

“Celery is flirting with $100 per box!” I was recently told this by a prominent buyer in the fresh food industry. This is insane, as during this time last year the price was hovering around $5-$8/case. What’s going on?

Risk March 15, 2019

Listen to your supply chain

With the Ides of March upon us, are you listening to the warnings from your supply chain? Is it well-tuned enough to even give you warnings? Or are you operating day-to-day hoping that everything holds together and you will not have your Ides of March moment?