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Ray Connelly

Ray has based his entire career on bringing technology to the agriculture and fresh food industry. He has held several key positions and has built a reputation of success and trust across these industries. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Food Traceability at iTradeNetwork, overseeing the product strategy for a range of supply chain solutions including fresh food, supply chain Traceability, Food Safety and Quality Control. Ray was at iTradeNetwork from 2014 to 2017.

Events, Food Biz Buzz October 10, 2019

Tour de Fresh 2019

Procurant is proud to be among the sponsoring companies of this year’s Tour de Fresh, the 6th annual fundraising bike ride to raise money to place salad bars in schools across the United States.

Innovation July 31, 2019

The Rise of Operations

Change, it’s a real pain the you-know-what. When it comes to technology and the fresh produce industry, a real problem. Technology and the fast moving fresh food business have such a love-hate relationship.

Events, Global Trade, Risk May 13, 2019

Produce at the Border

President Trump has threated to shut down the United States border in the wake of the thousands of people trying to enter the country from Mexico. But what would a complete shutdown of the border do to the U.S. supply of fresh fruits and vegetables?

Food Safety, Risk April 3, 2019

The Dirty Deception

I like facts. People make good decisions when they have all the facts. Plus, I like to eat fresh food and want everyone to eat fresh, lead a healthy lifestyle and not live in fear. I presume the Dirty Dozen folks love their fresh food too. And we, the consuming public, deserve to know what is really going on with our food supply chain.