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Ian Duffield

Over more than 30 years Ian has developed a wide range of business experience as a hands-on leader, and company executive. Most recently, Ian has been in executive positions in food technology and supply-chain related organizations focused on technology for operations, traceability and food safety. At Famous Software, True-Trac, and Foodlink, Ian led the design and development of new applications to support global food supply chain solutions and built successful professional services organizations. Recently at iTradeNetwork UK, as COO, Ian led the European division through a major transformation and developed new business with a large food distributor, before returning to the US, to lead the Business Intelligence and Data Management division.

Events, Procurant August 5, 2019

Celebrating a Milestone

Procurant recently completed and released our first major software product, called ProcurantOne. It got me thinking about the effort, coordination and focus that has been required to reach this milestone.

Risk March 15, 2019

Listen to your supply chain

With the Ides of March upon us, are you listening to the warnings from your supply chain? Is it well-tuned enough to even give you warnings? Or are you operating day-to-day hoping that everything holds together and you will not have your Ides of March moment?