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Dave Hood

Dave is responsible for leading and directing the business development strategy at Procurant. In addition to driving Procurant’s customer-centric sales process, Dave is also responsible for managing strategic partnerships with providers of software and hardware that will integrate with the Procurant Platform. Dave has extensive experience in overseeing field sales and customer support teams, most recently as President of California-based First Alarm, one of the nation’s largest providers of physical security/life-safety systems and services. Dave is also a part-time faculty member at Cabrillo College where he teaches Business Information Systems Technology.

Innovation, IoT, Risk April 16, 2019

More IoT, More Risk?

Automation is one of the biggest sources for ROI in making a case for an IoT system. But even a simple automation routine could expose an organization to risks that could negate the savings generated from removing the human component.

Blockchain March 8, 2019

Blockchain: fad or a game-changer?

The numbers are impressive! More than 100 blockchain use cases have been identified and funding for blockchain start-ups reached $1 billion in 2017. All the top technology companies are investing heavily, as are the leading banks and financial institutions.